Never be sick again!

How to strengthen your immune system?

Episode 1: I'm Losing Weight 

Episode 5 of the series 

20 reasons to work while walking

Visit THE new method to never be sick again:

Episode 6: Avoid getting a hangover

Episode 5 of the series 

20 reasons to work while walking

Visit THE new method to never be sick again:

The other episodes:

Episode 1:
I lose weight 

Episode 6: Avoid the
coup de barrre


Maxi immunity, never get sick again...

Walking is a medicine against sedentary lifestyle and no less than 35 chronic diseases! Illnesses, even temporary ones, can be very cumbersome in professional life: lack of productivity, absenteeism, uneasiness at work... And to remedy this and strengthen the immune system, daily movement is recommended. Walking is one of them! Don't wait any longer, you know what to do...

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The series

The 20 reasonsWhat is it?
what is it? 

It is above all to show you the benefits of walking on the body and mind! You will discover the unsuspected benefits of this light physical activity, even at work. The Walking Desk is the new innovative concept that will allow you to be productive at work. Discover all the benefits of walking at the office...


What will happen when you walk more?

Stress reduction

Oxygenation and the release of endorphins reduce anxiety, tension and blood pressure.

No more back pain

Walking stretches the back muscles and the upright posture releases tension.

Time saving

Better than sports, walking at the office has the same effect on health, without investing time.

Creativity Boost

Walking in the office increases creativity by 28%, according to a Stanford study.

Better sleep

If you walk 30 min to 1 hour slowly, you will be in a relaxed state that allows you to sleep better.

More energy

Walking oxygenates your brain and releases hormones that will boost your energy

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This method is applicable to all those who work a lot, do not have enough time to exercise and want to reduce the risk of getting sick. 

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Why move

All the health, well-being and performance benefits are addressed, as well as the adaptation to the office environment.

Conditions for success

Choose to adopt the right winning attitude to improve your immune system by indulging yourself. 

Measure your progress

Tips to succeed in the short and medium term. And how not to get sick for the rest of your life!

Designing your office

Find out how your workspace can become the best way to stop getting sick, stay fit and inspire others to do so too.