Better than the standing desk

3 positions: sitting,

standing, walking 

Static standing with a standing desk is very uncomfortable. Your body needs to move. With an ActivUP Walking Desk, you have a desk that allows you to sit, stand and walk.

Standing on the
Walking Desk

On a seat



on the carpet

Each company should implement a solution to help employees fight sedentary lifestyle at work. Especially those who are at risk or already have chronic diseases.

Did you know that?
Sedentary workers have a higher risk 112% of developing chronic disease than those who walk daily.


The Walking Desk 

Whether it's for yourself or for your employees, the Walking Desk allows all workers to walk to the office, while they work. ActivUP offers a complete range for all uses and all budgets.

Why walk an extra 30 minutes a day?

Sedentary work: harmful to health

Our ancestors walked 23 kilometers a day to get around and eat.
Today, we move less and less. This bad trend has allowed the development of many chronic diseases.
Of course, the rise of digital technology is pushing us to do everything sitting down and preventing us from walking as often as we should.

The advantages of the Walking Desk

in relation to the standing desk

Weight loss

While the caloric expenditure of static standing is limited, walking at the office for several hours a day can help you lose weight. 

More comfortable

Standing still for a long time is very uncomfortable. Imagine waiting on a train platform or in a queue. You will spontaneously take 100 steps!

Better posture

Prolonged standing is not recommended because the posture of your back tends to become hollow. In addition, this position can generate muscular contractures.

Less sick

Working on your feet without walking has limited effects on your health. Daily walking in the office, on the other hand, helps to strengthen the immune system.

The benefits of walking

Walking to the office allows you to accumulate all the advantages of walking with the time saving to be able to do the work and the walk, at the same time, without thinking about it.

  • Reduces stress
    Walking generates hormones that are effective against stress.
  • Alleviates back pain
    Putting your body in motion is recommended to treat your low back pain.
  • Restores energy
    Walking facilitates digestion and gives you the energy you need after lunch.
  • Facilitates sleep
    Moderate physical activity such as walking helps you fall asleep.
  • Develops creativity
    "The only valid ideas are those that come from walking." F. Nietschze

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ActivUP, the reference for the Walking Desk

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Scientific studies

Popular with scientists

At the Vichy Medical Congress in January 2019, speakers walk on a Walking Desk ActivUP during their presentation.

Martine Duclos, professor at the University of Clermont-Ferrand, concluded the congress by praising the Walking Desks.


What our happy customers think of us

Every day, I'm glad I discovered the walking desk. 12km of meetings per day and a hell of a lot of energy! I've already lost 8kg, just by walking.

Julien Coulon

General Manager

When you sit on the Walking Desk, the most amazing thing is that you totally forget that you are walking, you are more focused on your work.

Arnaud Vérin 


I walk at least 2 miles every day on my Walking Desk ActivUP and burn almost 300 calories.

I feel the benefits on my figure.

Pascale Breton


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