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ActivUP in the media:
"the pioneer and leader of the Walking Desk

Since its creation, the ActivUP solution has been featured in the media, particularly on television, with more than 20 airings. The radio and the written press have also widely relayed it. 

Al Arabiya - Dubai's first TV channel

"Groupe UP adopts the ActivUP Walking Desk

Al Arabiya goes to discover the Walking Desk! She goes to meet the UP Group, an ActivUP client, which has adopted walking in the office for several years. This innovative concept allows to break the sedentary lifestyle of employees. Sitting for hours on end has serious consequences on their health and well-being. 

Discover in this report, the health benefits of the Walking Desk through the testimony of the UP Group and Marc Thouvenin.

France 2 - News

"Sedentary lifestyle and back pain

In this report aired in October 2020 at the 20h of France 2, the physiotherapist Gregoire Gibault who promotes the fact of moving more! This can significantly reduce back pain.

You can also watch the testimonial of Pierre Gaudet, manager of Steerfox, who uses his Walking Desk 1 hour a day (from 4:06 in the video).

France 2 - Michel Cymes

Preserving our back

In Michel Cymes' show, "Les pouvoirs extraordinaires du corps humain", Benoit Pereira, an ActivUP client, presents his workstation while walking. The virtues of walking to reduce back pain have been known since antiquity. And in the office, sitting all day is deleterious. The ActivUP Walking Desk is the perfect solution to relieve your back while you work.

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Télévision Suisse Romande (TSR)

"The chair that kills

In this report broadcast in October 2019 on TSR (Télévision Suisse Romande), Professor François Carré presents the reasons why it is important to be physically active throughout the day. ActivUP is presented as the solution at the office, for workers with a sedentary workstation. An ActivUP customer testifies about the popularity of the Walking Desk in his company.

M6 - Prime time

"My invention is worth its weight in gold

ActivUP was invited to present its Walking Desk in the M6 show "Mon invention vaut de l'or" (My invention is worth its weight in gold). Marc Thouvenin's children, Sarah and Maxime, were also invited and were able to present the solution to the viewers. The solution is very innovative but is still aimed at companies and professionals. Since this show, new products for individuals are now available, and are even sold online here.

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Télématin - France 2

"At work, it works"

Professor Martine Duclos of the Clermont Ferrand University Hospital presents the risks of a sedentary lifestyle and explains how to use the Walking Desk at the office to limit its effects.
This report shot at an ActivUP customer also presents an implementation of the Walking Desk in a wellness and relaxation area, where it is good to work, while remaining active. This company has been using the Walking Desk since 2015.

France 2 - Michel Cymes

"Muscles and walking".

In his famous show "The extraordinary powers of the human body", Michel Cymes and Adriana Karembeu went to meet Benoit Pereira, an ActivUP client, who works all day walking. He is also known for having designed a mobile Walking Desk to work while walking in nature.
Discover in this program, how the Walking Desk can improve your health, your productivity and your quality of life at work!

All replays of our TV & radio appearances

France Bleu " lose weight by walking

Wendy Bouchard talks about ActivUP, and losing weight by walking, while remaining at her desk. 

The Messenger " 500km of walking in the first month

Interview in the weekly newspaper Le messager, in Haute Savoie (article link) (to access it, watch a video)

France Bleu Pays de Savoie

Walking interview on the Walking Desk by journalist Marie Ameline (article link)

Bourdin "I tested for you

Jean-Jacques Bourdin and his team from RMC tested the Walking Desk. Reduction of absenteeism and prevention of sedentary lifestyle.

Sud Radio " Walking Desk Made in France

Interview in the morning show "Made in France" on Sud Radio. The desks of our Walking Desks are made in France.

TF1 TV news " Récréa en marche au bureau " (in French)

TF1 presents in its news program, the company Récréa, an ActivUP customer who improves its QWL (Quality of Life at Work) thanks to our Walking Desks

Matinale LCI "Sport and work

Report on the Walking Desk ActivUP at the LCI morning show. Better than sport, you can work while walking, at the office

Capital " ActivUP at Récréa

M6's Capital magazine met the employees of Récréa, an ActivUP client that encourages walking to work.

BFM Business - Tech and co

Live interview on the Tech and Co set hosted by Sébastien Couasnon. We talk about the challenges of physical activity at work. 

Europe1 " Well-being at work

Live on Europe1 by Raphaëlle Duchemin in her program "La France s'engage". We talk about health and active well-being at work.

BFM Business with Stéphane Soumier

Live on BFM with Stéphane Soumier: "ActivUP makes it possible to move around the office, without encroaching on working time"

Executive Mail: Nokia walks in the office 

Nokia testifies about its use of the Walking Desk, and plans to implement more of them soon. Report in their now active premises.

BFM TV: "the mobile office on the move

The Walking Desk ActivUP live on BFM TV, with Anthony Morel. We talk about the benefits of walking in the office.

Bourdin on RMC Découverte

Jean-Jacques Bourdin honors this French SME from Haute-Savoie that improves health at work "The office of the future with carpet"

TF1 news: Novartis and ActivUP

Novartis employee testifies on TV "I am convinced that in the short term, the Walking Desk will benefit my health".

France 5: "Working at the office while walking

Arnaud Vérin, a manager in the Paris region, talks on France5 about his daily use of the Walking Desk: benefits and good practices

TV news: Cedexis works while walking

LesEchosTV interviewed Cedexis, an ActivUP customer: use in meetings, to make calls. The majority of employees use it.

RTS Téléjournal: Lausanne University Hospital

Report on Swiss television, with professor Francesca Amati from Lausanne who uses her Walking Desk ActivUP every day

Stéphane Bern in "Comment ça va bien

Stéphane Bern on the Walking Desk live on France2. ActivUP: the healthy innovation for the office, easy to use and good for your health.

Direct8: Laurence Ferrari TV set

Live, on Direct8 with Roselyne Bachelot, Laurence Ferrari and even Nabilla. We talk about physical activity, not sport for health.

Digital Business News at Greenspace

Report in this Parisian coworking, client ActivUP. We talk about the work postures of the future and the important impact on productivity.

France3 Rhône-Alpes visits the ActivUP office

France3 report in the first offices of ActivUP. We talk about innovation, well-being and health in the office. And also productivity.

 ActivUP at the JT of M6 : for the Walking Desk 

1st TV report for ActivUP: on the M6 TV news. They talk about the genesis of ActivUP and the benefits of the Walking Desk at work

ActivUP in the press

The Messenger (July 2022)

The culture of learning is gaining momentum

"I really had the opportunity to learn quickly with the help and guidance of the team."

Le parisien (June 2022)

A treadmill to work while walking

"The walking desk is further proof that innovation in workplace wellness is in full swing."

Le dauphiné libéré (April 2022)

Marc Thouvenin puts workers on the march

"Working while walking promotes concentration and allows you to sleep better and have less back pain."

The Tribune (November 2021)

ActivUP has already seduced Facebook and Google

"After containment, the boom in home-based activities with telecommuting employees."

The Messenger (November 2021)

Walking while working: 500km the first month

"The sense of well-being felt and the feeling of having moved, even while standing still, is exhilarating."

Office and Culture (September 2020)

The tech guide: "walk!"

"To work while walking, the ActivUP walking desk is ideal for moving and losing the pounds gained during confinement."

Fémina version (May 2019)

File: "Stand up!"

"It's trendy, the walking desk: a treadmill under the desk

Outdoor Go! (April 2019)

6 objects to stay in shape at the office (while working)

"But can you really work while walking? We were the first to be surprised when we tested it.

SIH Solutions (October 2018)

Walking while working: the virtues of physical activity at work

"Sarah Bernou has already been won over: well-being at work has improved significantly.

ELLE (Special Edition September 2018)

Get up! Move more, it's easy. Our Anti-Static shopping

Efficient: How about walking while working? ActivUP Treadmill Office.

Executive Mail (October 2018)

How about walking while working?

"Soizick Lamandé from Nokia: We have two and we are thinking about deploying more"

CAPITAL (September 201()

Tomorrow, we will work standing, lying down, walking...

Marc Thouvenin proudly shows his weight curve on his smartphone screen, "Look, I went from 80 to 73 kilos in one year!"

BALANCE SHEET (April 2015)

How to take care of your body at the office?

"It's not sport, it's low intensity activity." Marc Thouvenin uses it 4 hours a day and has lost 8kg in 1 year.

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