Scientific studies on the Walking Desk

The benefits of
Walking Desk
proven by science

A walking desk mat allows you to move more.
Scientists have studied the Walking Desk and have proven the benefits of this innovative and effective solution.

NAPO Medical Symposium,
in January 2019 in Vichy
featuring the Walking Desk
used by the speakers

Walking is thephysical activity the most efficient but also the simplest to implement in the office.
The benefits are numerous and scientifically proven

Europeans spend 7h 26 min per day in a sitting position

Source: Attitude Prevention Association, May 2018

Companies are now taking into account the dangers of physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle of their employees. Science has now showed the benefits that the different physical activities provide, especially those that are non-athletic, such as walking, taking the stairsThis is the case for the following activities: carrying small loads, riding a bicycle on the flat, etc.

Did you know that?

For the past 5 years, scientists have been differentiating between physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle.

  • Being inactive means not moving enough during the day (less than 30 minutes per day according to the WHO)
  • To be sedentary is to remain mostly immobile for more than 2 hours in a row, without getting up, generally sitting at a desk

The benefits on professional performance

Augmented brain

More productive

More creativity

Better memory

Less absence

More energy

Cognitive abilities

Your brain needs to move

Yes, sitting is bad for your brain. The goal here is not necessarily to walk a lot, but to walk often, and every day.

"One study showed that walking 2 minutes every 30 minutes was more effective than walking 8 minutes every 2 hours."

Below you will find several studies that show the benefit of regular physical activity, even light, on intellectual performance.


Gain 3 weeks of productivity per year

The link between physical activity and sports (APS), well-being employees and business competitiveness had already been studied. But the MEDEF and Olympic Committee study goes further.

It measures the impact of the PSA of a economic point of view for the company, the employee and the society.

This results in a productivity gain from 6 to 9%According to the intensity of the physical activity. That is to say gain 3 weeks of productivity per yearThis can be achieved by introducing light but regular physical activity every day.


Be more creative: +28%

According to Marily Oppezzo and Daniel L. Schwartz, researchers at Stanford University, "Between 80% and 100% of people walking on Walking Desk are more creative than those seated."
The gain in creativity can reach up to 28% for walking work on Walking Desk.

To learn more, thearticle on Stanford news or thecomplete study in PDF.


Remember better: +35%

According to Elise Labonte-LeMoyne, Researcher at HEC Montreal, walking at the office has a very important impact on memory capacity.

"Workers walking on Walking desk memorized 35% more correct answers, and felt more attentive."

The ActivUP Walking Desk can be used for e-learning sessions, or for tasks that require concentration and memorization.

Consult the complete study


Be more present: +27%

In a British study by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellenceresearchers have shown that a physically active workforce consumes on average 27% less sick leave days

The researchers also mention concrete solutions such as sports classes (yoga in particular) but also walking meetings and standing or walking offices such as the Walking Desk. These are all effective strategies that are simple to implement.

In better shape

Consuming energy gives energy back!

Counter-intuitively, the more you move, the more energy you will have. Light non-sporting physical activity puts the body in a virtuous cycle.

If you're tired, move. If you're tired after lunch, get moving. 

No need to be out of breath or sweaty, just get your body moving and you'll feel the energy return.

Better sleep

Walking improves your sleep, no more a bit of a rush

Physical activity releases several hormones that will relax your body and mind. You will be more relaxed, so you will sleep better. As you are better rested, you will be less tired during the day. And if you also move around after lunch, you will have the double effect of good sleep and the release of energy following physical activity: you will be in good shape and no longer feel tired!

Health benefits

Walking = healing

Born to move

Grenoble University Hospital

Univ. of Besançon

Clermont University Hospital

University of Lausanne


Walking is a medicine

According to François Carré, cardiologist in Rennes, and specialist in sedentary lifestyle: Walking is a medicine. It helps to treat 35 chronic diseases. Among these, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, but also Alzheimer's, and light to moderate depression.

"We are programmed to walk. Genetically, we only function well if we move."

Sedentary lifestyle & inactivity

Move often, a lot, but gently!

François Carré, a cardiologist in Rennes, jokes that for those who want to practice a 3-hour sports session on the weekend "it's a bit like brushing your teeth 7 times on Sunday".

The most important thing is to move regularly, because the intensity of physical activity has little impact. Even low-intensity movements are very useful. 30 minutes a day is enough to significantly improve health and performance.

Moreover, the fact that you are sporty does not prevent you from being sedentary. In fact, it is recommended to move 2 to 3 minutes every hour, to avoid the deleterious effects of sedentary life. And it is also important to do it every day.

study on the walking desk

Grenoble University Hospital Study 2018

During 2018, Grenoble University Hospital conducted a large year-long study with over 40 participants. A scientific committee validated the methodology.

According to Sarah Bernou: "Well-being at work has improved significantly, and we already have far fewer work stoppages due to musculoskeletal disorders. Some agents have stabilized their weight and limited their tobacco consumption.

See theinterview in SIH magazine.

study on the walking desk

University of Besançon Study 2019

Besançon University conducted a study in 2019 with 2 ActivUP Walking Desks, in 2 companies.

The participants mainly obtained benefits on the physical and emotional state felt, especially on fatigue, dynamism and morale. The practice of a physical activity thanks to the "Walking Desk" allowed to increase the well-being of the employees of these companies. The results on cardiovascular parameters show a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure.

Summary of the scientific study conducted by the University of Besançon

Full text of the study

study on the Walking Desk

Study of the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital 2020

A large study is being conducted by Professor Martine Duclos of the Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital. It started at the beginning of 2020. It includes the presence of active furniture, and in particular the Walking Desk ActivUP.

The mission of the study is to measure, according to the dosage of physical activity, the benefits on health, absenteeism and health expenses.

Sports medicine

University of Lausanne

In Switzerland, Francesca Amati, a professor at the Lausanne University Hospital, has been personally using an ActivUP Walking Desk since 2015, she had the opportunity to testify about it on the TV news (replay opposite).

In the report, she presents her studies that show that starting (or resuming) physical activity at any age is useful for health. In particular, moving increases the quantity of mitochondria in the muscles, and especially increases the efficiency of these mitochondria, even for older people.

Scientists lead by example

At the Vichy Medical Congress in January 2019, speakers walk on an ActivUP Walking Desk during their presentation

ActivUP, the reference for the Walking Desk

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