Quality of life at work

Boosting QWL and productivity by walking in the office

Physical activity in the office improves well-being and reduces absenteeism.
We feel better and we work better.

The Walking Desk is a office equipped with a treadmillwhich allows you to work while walking. Watch the video above to understand the benefits that walking in the office can bring to your company. And how to convince your colleagues.

What happens if your teams don't work anymore?

Weight loss

Less stress

No more back pain

Always in shape

More creative

Other benefits: Less sickness

Living longer


Your employees will lose weight

41% of employees are overweight: Walking doubles energy expenditure and restores the taste for physical activity.

"The way others look at it will change".


They will be less sensitive to stress

58% of employees are stressed: Walking increases the secretion of endorphins, the happiness hormone, by five times.

"Walking will relieve their stress."

Back pain

Your colleagues will have less back pain

42% of employees have back pain Walking improves posture and strengthens the back. In fact, health insurance recommends walking.

"Their backs will curse their chairs"

In better shape and more present

You will increase the productivity of the team

They will save time and be less sick: Light physical activity at the office allows them to save time normally dedicated to sport. Active people are much less sick. According to a study by the Olympic Committee, walking saves 3 weeks of productivity per year (6% of productivity on average)

"They will always be fit and available"


You will improve your business performance

Physical activity boosts cognitive abilities: Creativity and memory increase thanks to walking. The extra energy will keep your teams focused longer.

"You will be surprised by your new creativity".


Your employees will gain 3 to 9 years of life expectancy

Moving slows down natural aging: People who engage in daily physical activity can gain up to 9 years of life expectancy, and it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer by 40%.

"How would you like to give your employees nine more years of life?"

ActivUP, the reference for the Walking Desk

More than 300 clients

23 TV appearances

An award-winning solution

Popular with scientists

At the Vichy Medical Congress in January 2019, speakers walk on an ActivUP Walking Desk during their presentation


What our happy customers think of us

Every day, I'm glad I discovered the walking desk. 12km of meetings per day and a hell of a lot of energy! I've already lost 8kg, just by walking.

Julien Coulon

General Manager

When you sit on the Walking Desk, the most amazing thing is that you totally forget that you are walking, you are more focused on your work.

Arnaud Vérin 


I walk at least 2 miles every day on my Walking Desk ActivUP and burn almost 300 calories.

I feel the benefits on my figure.

Pascale Breton


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