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Whether they are executives, managers, self-employed or even retired, ActivUP clients testify to the change that the Walking Desk has created in their lives: weight loss, reduction of back pain, mitigation of the effects of diabetes, or simply well-being at work and prevention. Discover their testimonials


Julien Coulon, CM-CIC Innovation

Julien Coulon installed a Walking Desk in his company Cedexis. When he sold his company to Citrix, he installed another one in his home office. In this testimonial, he explains that he walks 2 to 4 hours a day, and that he has lost more than 8 kg.

He explains how you can lose weight, without dieting or working out, while you work.

Discover here our program to lose weight with a Walking Desk.

Health and wellness

Haute-Savoie Habitat

The HLM office of Annecy has implemented a Walking Desk, at the initiative of Gilles Rossignol, project manager:

"Not only do I work better, but I also feel better at work.

The site manager testifies that he has made the investment to improve the health and well-being of employees in his facility.

Great walker (100% of the time)

Benoit Pereira

Benoit Perreira is a great walker, he even designed a Walking Desk to walk in nature, while working. This has earned him many appearances on TV. He has now chosen to equip himself with ActivUP. Discover the interview he gave to Michel Cymes and Adriana Karembeu's team on France2.

SME: Shared Walking Desk in a team

Littlebig Road

In this specialized travel agency, physical activity is very important to the manager Arnaud Vérin. He uses it daily as well as some of his employees.
This allows them to stay fit and dynamic without dedicating time to it.

"The most amazing thing is that you totally forget that you are walking.

" The Walking Desk has revolutionized our traditional approach to the "workplaceof its constraints of position and sedentary life. Its daily use (one, two, three hours or more) allows to blithely exceed physical activity recommendations (10,000 steps per day) and does not present any constraint in terms of work: telephoning, typing on a keyboard, or even activities requiring more precision (page layout and graphic activities) are not hindered by the movement. You can adjust your walking speed according to the degree of precision you want, and that's it. The most amazing thing is thatwe totally forget that we are walking. The whole team adopted it, and we had to set up a reservation schedule for the use of the only model purchased to date (electrically adjustable height model essential when several people use the Walking Desk). My challenge for next winter: to catch up with one of my colleagues who has just exceeded 500 kilometers of walking in a few months!

Digital startup


The Walking Desks installed at Criteo have simplified access to physical activity while working. Installed in a meeting room, they allow people to work alone or with others, while walking. Creativity and concentration, and of course well-being and health.
Testimony of Guillaume Turri, R&D Engineer at Criteo:

"It changes the daily life, it's more fun"

Digital startup


From walking meetings to phone calls, the Walking Desk has allowed this company to integrate physical activity into every employee's day. In this innovative company, the impact of walking on creativity and concentration was also very noticeable.

Digital startup


Emmanuel Françoise has installed a Walking Desk ActivUP in his office in the Montparnasse tower. It is shared between his different collaborators. He uses it to work and make phone calls. You can read his testimony on the M6 TV show:

"The goal is not to do sports, but to walk quietly several times a day.

Coworking space

Greenspace Paris

It is possible to work while walking in this Parisian coworking space. Benoit Calvosa, Community manager, testifies:

"As we know, start-up employees work a lot and usually have little time for sports, making trips to the coffee machine the only thing they do during the day. Being concerned about the happiness of our coworkers, we wanted to organize a challenge promoting sports activity in the office. During one week, they have to count the number of steps taken and compare them with the other participants. We like the Walking Desk and its walking mat with a height-adjustable desk that allows you to work standing while walking. It is therefore possible to walk and check your emails at the same time without paying attention to the cyclists and motorists on the road! Greenspace Paris is a coworking space in Paris that acts for the good health of its coworkers."


Tips attribute

Daphne Battaglia, the manager based in Ris Orangis, bought a Walking Desk ActivUP, first of all for the quality of life at work (QWL), the well-being :

"It created a dynamic in the team. A more fun atmosphere".

Here is his full testimony:

"Since we acquired The Walking Desk, our atmosphere has changed we are more united, more enthusiastic and share our offices differently. This created a dynamic in the team. A more fun atmosphere. From an individual point of view, it's great because you feel very active, the feeling to optimize the day by doing sports while working. Strangely enough, the day passes more quickly, because there is a kind of concentration and diversity of activities. It is very easy to walk slowly while writing on the computer, you get used to it very quickly. If I had to say what I like best, I would say that it is all the time spent on the phone that usually makes us feel like we are wasting our time. Well, today it's not at all! It is a pleasure! And the best part is the customer relationship. A surprising entry with them more relaxed when they return home, a small innovative side that emerges from the start. Great! We want more of these walking offices!"



Pascale Breton, manager, walks at least 3 km a day and burns nearly 300 calories. She feels the beneficial effects of walking in the office on her dynamism and her figure.

I am more than happy with my Walking Desk ActivUP. In fact, I wrote this testimonial while walking! As a freelance worker at home, I spend at least 6 hours a day sitting in front of my computer. When I discovered ActivUP during a Télématin program on France 2, it was a revelation!
That's what I needed! To combine work and physical exercise and above all better health! I work while walking every day for at least 2 hours and I can't do without it!
On average, I walk at 2.5 km/h, slow down to 1.5 km/h when I need to do a specific job and go up to 3.5 km/h to make a phone call or read my emails. And of course, I try to remember to tighten my abs!

ActivUP customers are delighted with the effects of physical activity on their health and that of their employees.

This solution is easy to implement

Walking is a WHO-recognized medicine that produces results without side effects.

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