Walking Desk against diabetes

Special for diabetics: Regulate your blood sugar while walking

An office treadmill for diabetics,
allows you to move more, throughout the day,
at the time when the blood sugar level is to be reduced,
without devoting a dedicated time to it.

Walking: very effective for diabetics

Walking is one of the physical activities the most efficient for prevent and even fight diabetes. Yet, the metro-busy-sleepy lifestyle and computer work force professionals to sit for hours on end.

Sedentary lifestyle

Sedentary work is bad for the health of diabetics

As a reminder, our ancestors had to and did not have any trouble walk 23 kilometers a day in order to survive. And this is how human beings are supposed to live in order to find food and keep themselves in shape at the same time.

But the more we move forward in time, the less we move. This bad trend has allowed the development of many diseases, including diabetes.

Of course, our current way of life, accompanied by the rise of digital technology, pushes us to do everything sitting down and no longer allows us to walk as often as we should.

In France, there are more than 1.3 million diabetic workers and the sedentary lifestyle in the office is obviously a factor.

Each company should implement a solution to help its employeesespecially those who are at risk or already have diabetes, to combat sedentary work.

Did you know that?
Sedentary employees have a higher risk 112% of developing diabetes than those who walk daily.

Dedicate 30 minutes of physical activity per day: Essential for health

The goal is not to walk outside for 2 hours a day; few people have the time to do that! 30 minutes of activity a day is a good start to reducing the risk of diabetes. If you want to treat or reduce the effects of diabetes, try walking for 1 hour a day or more. 

Our body is able to store fat when we eat more than we need. So we need to move more to eliminate.

With a Walking Desk, you can move for several hours a day, without thinking about it, and especially without spending time on it

Walking can help to

Controlling blood sugar

The fat in dense tissue containing many calories is lodged in particular in the liver which is an organ whose function is to transform the fat into sugar or glucose. The blood sugar level in the blood increases and the risks or complications of diabetes are multiplied. The best way to burn calories and lower blood sugar levels is to regular physical exercise such as walking.

Walking is a moderate intensity aerobic exercise. It has a positive impact on the way the body spends and regulates glucose. It is effective in increasing the amount of glucose taken up by cells in response to insulin. And this improvement in response to insulin signals lasts up to 24 hours after the 30-minute walk.

The best pace for

Physical exercises

It is not always easy for a professional to find a time to train on a daily basis. And on the weekends, we are often so tired that we prefer to take a rest that doesn't help. But in any case, experts agree that to fight against diabetes and other pathologies due to sedentary work, Doing a low-intensity activity such as walking every day is far better than an intense workout or two a week.

Type 2 Diabetes: Consequence of prolonged sitting position

By spending most of our time in a sitting position in front of a computer, fats accumulate in the liver and are transformed into a large quantity of glucose qthat dangerously raises blood sugar levels. In turn, the pancreas, which is supposed to lower blood sugar, has to work harder than it should to limit the liver's production of glucose. Over time, the pancreas weakens and can no longer fulfill its role. This is when blood sugar levels rise. The case of diabetes appears or worsens if the worker is already affected.

Clearly, the prolonged sitting position (more than 7 hours a day) in the office is a real public health problem. According to the specialists, it would favour the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in employees. For this reason, it is advisable for each company to implement an adequate solution so that the staff can have the right to walk to the office. In this, theinstallation of a treadmill is an excellent choice.

It's a good idea to set a specific time to walk in the office to help fight diabetes.

Scientific studies

Sedentary work and diabetes: more and more studies

In order to provide evidence on the harmful consequences of a sedentary lifestyle on health, many researchers decided to conduct studies. These same studies have also quantified the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by sitting at the office from morning to night.

According to a system review and meta-analysis of 16 prospective and 2 cross-sectional studies of 794,577 individuals, highly sedentary people including office workers had a 112% higher risk of developing diabetes than people who moved more often.

All the studies that have been carried out on the subject to date confirm that lack of exercise due to work is a risk factor.

Each hour spent sitting in front of a screen increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by 2.1% to 3.4% depending on the individual.

The researchers continue to say that more studies are still needed to validate their findings. But right now, it is already clear that the fight against sedentary lifestyles in the office must be carried out in all establishments to protect employees, but especially those at risk of diabetes and those who already suffer from it.

Intervention on the way of life in the company in order to increase the time of physical activity in the office should be considered by every leader. Reducing sedentary time at work is equivalent to reducing the risk of diabetes.


Another danger of a sedentary lifestyle

Participants who spent 10 h per week in the car and 23 h per week in front of a screen had an 82% higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease than others. They also had a 64% higher risk of dying from it.

Leadlessness at work increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in a considerable way. Another team of American researchers has also conducted another study on sedentary behaviors in general: sitting at the office, driving a car, watching TV, etc... The study was held from 1989 to 2003 with 7,744 men aged 20 to 89 years. None of them had a history of cardiovascular problems.

The concrete benefits of LA MARCHE

The effects of walking in the office on diabetes

For the sake of our health and especially to counteract diabetes, walking is essential.

This can reduce the risk of diabetes by 30%, no small feat!

Walking must be practiced under the following conditions if we want to obtain visible results:

  • at least half an hour a day
  • must be continuous for a better efficiency: You should not not to distribute these 30 minutes at different times of the day.

According to studies, subjects with type 2 diabetes who walked for half an hour every day saw their blood sugar levels decrease by 2.2 mmol/l.

Even better, the risk of mortality for diabetics is halved if they manage to walk 1.5 km or more per day.

Revolutionary solution

An innovative treadmill for diabetic workers

Once again, it is difficult for workers to find the time to travel such a distance while fulfilling their job responsibilities. Time is money in a company and work is always a priority, often at the expense of health. It is time to put both on the same footing with theinstallation of a treadmill within your company.

In conclusion, we live in an era where everything favors the sedentary lifestyle in the office which is however a a real scourge for the health of workers. This phenomenon increases the risks of development and complication of diabetes. Yet employees often struggle to find 30 minutes of free time per day, the amount of time needed to walk to fight this disease. 

The solution: the walking desk or office-treadmill.

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