Health, QWL and reduction of absenteeism

  • Mome sickness absences
  • More energy 
  • More commitment
  • Employer Brand
  • Productivity
  • Desks to match your space
  • Quiet : less than 40dB at 2km/h
  • Very comfortable: cushioning foam
  • Electrically adjustable height 

Walking at the office on a walking desk is a very good way to walk every day without spending time on it. Your employees can make phone calls, write emails, have meetings, and produce documents.

  • more energy  


Collaborators less sick

Physical activity has a positive effect in the prevention and care of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Reduces cardiovascular accidents
  • Limits the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Prevents breast and colon cancer
  • Reduces back pain
  • Allows you to lose weight


Teams less stressed and which feel better

Walking in the office is a great way to improve quality of work life (QWL), without spending time on it.

  • Reduces stress in the office
  • Improves back posture
  • Develops the metabolism
  • Improves sleep
  • Allows you to relax without interrupting your work


A work more productive than ever before

Physical activity in the office has a positive effect on cognitive and mental abilities.

  • Increases motivation and commitment
  • Allows more creativity (+28%)
  • Improves concentration
  • Increases memory (+35%)
  • More energy throughout the day

30 minutes

per day is enough to capture the benefits of walking in the office

700,000 walking desks 

already in use around the world


The average time spent sitting per day in Europe

An offer adapted to all companies

Discovery Package

6 months or 1 year rental

Want to make a proof of concept? Test the Walking Desk in a real situation for a few months.


2100€ HT


Walking Desk or treadmill alone

Make the Walking Desk a permanent fixture on your premises. A whole range available for all uses and budgets. 


1400€ HT

Long term rental

Installed at the office or in telecommuting

Offer the Walking Desk to your teams, without any initial investment, and take advantage of product evolutions.


117€ HT/month

Certified equipment

Medical device

of class 1

Delivery and Maintenance

Our value-added services


Our network of service providers in France and Europe will deliver and install your Walking Desk. All you have to do is work with it! Possible for individuals and companies.


Walking to work is not yet a reflex. Trigger the desire to walk at the office! ActivUP certified coaching for introductory session or progress monitoring: health, well-being, weight loss. 

Consulting for companies

ActivUP has over 250 companies in 11 countries. Take advantage of this expertise to optimize the use of the Walking Desk.
Visit of your premises, exchanges with your teams, personalized recommendation.

Walking Desks Specifications

Carpet dimensions 

Width: 63-70 cm
Length: 120-160 cm
Useful walking surface: 40-45 cm x 110-130 cm

Desktop dimensions

Maximum height : 150 cm
Minimum height : 70 cm
Height of the walking area: 15-18 cm

Safety and maintenance

Some models require periodic lubrication

Safety cord

Maximum usage for standard model: 2 h/day
Maximum usage for premium model: 10 h/day

Comfort of use

Very quiet: slight breeze of 30dB at 2km/h Shock absorption: cushioning foam under the band

Speed : adjustable between 1 and 8 km/h
Maximum supported weight: 110-140 kg

Control console

Control and display with digital interface

Display: steps, speed, time, distance covered, calories consumed

Speed adjustment by rotary knob

Bluetooth connected mobile application for Android and Apple iOS: allows you to control the treadmill and memorize your walking sessions.

They love their Walking Desk


Every day, I'm glad I discovered the walking desk. 12km of meetings per day and a hell of a lot of energy! I've already lost 8kg, just by walking.

Julien Coulon, General Manager


When you sit on the Walking Desk, the most amazing thing is that you totally forget that you are walking, you are more focused on your work.

Arnaud Vérin, entrepreneur

ActivUP, the reference for the Walking Desk

More than 300 clients

23 TV appearances

An award-winning solution

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for Individuals

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Take Action

  • Less sick leave
  • Better health
  • Less stress
  • Better productivity
  • Easy to implement
  • Progressive and adapted cost
  • Innovative and attractive


1380 € HT