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How to lose weight at the office?

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"Too busy with your business to work out?"

Find out how the Walking Desk can save you several hours a day.

  • Your excess weight gone
  • Your newfound energy
  • YOUR increased efficiency

We should not have to choose 
between his health and the performance
 of his company !

Why move more?

For lose weight permanently, physical activity: you need to get enough exercise to eliminate excess calories. Yes, but how many, and how often?

Without thinking about it!

We can lose weight without thinking about it, without spending time on it. Better than sport, walking allows you to lose weight. Walk while you workseveral hours a day.

And what was the result? 

What it will change in your business. You will be less sick. In addition, physical activity boosts your brain and you will outperform. Your company too. 

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Better understanding means better action, and therefore more results

Do you still need to know more about walking, like a tool for health, well-being and productivity ?

ActivUP delivers conferences and webinars to help you measure the extent of the benefits that thelight physical activity can bring to you, your loved ones and your colleagues.

Conference in Brussels

Those little extra pounds that keep you from running smoothly

How leaders can lose weight, bypassing our DNA bias.

"the ancestral (healthy) art of living adapted to your modern life


How to lose weight at the office without dieting or working out

How leaders can lose weight, bypassing our DNA bias.

"the ancestral (healthy) art of living adapted to your modern life

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What our happy customers think of us

Every day, I'm glad I discovered the walking desk. 12km of meetings per day and a hell of a lot of energy! I've already lost 8kg, just by walking.

Julien Coulon

General Manager

When you sit on the Walking Desk, the most amazing thing is that you totally forget that you are walking, you are more focused on your work.

Arnaud Vérin 


I walk at least 2 miles every day on my Walking Desk ActivUP and burn almost 300 calories.

I feel the benefits on my figure.

Pascale Breton


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