The benefits of the Walking Desk

With a Walking Desk,

your life will never be the same again

Walking at the office on an ActivUP Walking Desk will bring you many benefits, in terms of health, productivity and well-being.

The benefits of the Walking Desk for your health and that of your employees

Weight loss

Walking every day, while working, allows you to lose weight simply, without effort or time.

Back pain

Walking stretches the back muscles and the upright posture releases tension.


Walking in the office ensures a steady increase in heart rate. 


The Walking Desk facilitates the regulation of blood sugar levels for diabetics during the day.


Physical activity can prevent and even cure certain cancers (breast, colon, etc.).

Immune system

Regular movement during the day helps to strengthen the immune system.


Walking helps prevent and treat 35 chronic diseases including Alzeihmer, Parkinson, etc.

Blood circulation

Postural vascular movements are beneficial for veins and heavy legs.

Better sleep

If you walk 30 min to 1 hour slowly, you will be in a relaxed state that allows you to sleep better.


30 minutes a day of physical activity can gain 3 to 5 years of life expectancy.

Aging well

Physical activity increases life expectancy by 14 years in good health.

Benefits of the Walking Desk for efficiency and productivity

More energy

Walking oxygenates your brain and releases hormones that will boost your energy.

Time saving

Better than sports, walking at the office has the same effect on health, without investing time.

Employer Brand

The Walking Desk shows your employees and future recruits that you want them to be healthy.

Reduced absenteeism

Physical activity reduces illness and therefore absences by 27%.

More focused

Endorphins and brain oxygenation maximize concentration, from morning to night.

More creative

Walking in the office increases creativity by 28%, according to a Stanford study.

Better memory

Walking on a walking desk increases memory by 35% according to a Montreal study.

The benefits of the Walking Desk for well-being and QWL

No one likes to sit around all day, not moving. Stretch your legs while you work!

Less stressed

The virtue of walking for serenity has been known since antiquity (the peripatetic philosophers).

End of heavy legs

Walking allows the entire body to be vascularized, especially the legs.

Productive walk

The Walking Desk allows you to continue working, with the impression (just) of walking around.

More relaxed

The "relaxation" walk is a real breath of fresh air, open to all, and possible at the office!

Better sleep

If you walk 30 min to 1 hour slowly, you will be in a relaxed state that allows you to sleep better.


Physical exercise is the 2nd happiest activity, just after sex.


What our happy customers think of us

Every day, I'm glad I discovered the walking desk. 12km of meetings per day and a hell of a lot of energy! I've already lost 8kg, just by walking.

Julien Coulon

General Manager

When you sit on the Walking Desk, the most amazing thing is that you totally forget that you are walking, you are more focused on your work.

Arnaud Vérin 


I walk at least 2 miles every day on my Walking Desk ActivUP and burn almost 300 calories.

I feel the benefits on my figure.

Pascale Breton


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