He has no more back pain since he walks while working


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at his office,
By working

Move more to feel better

Walking stretches the back muscles and the upright posture releases tension


Easy, effortless, without thinking about it

You walk and work at the same time. No need to go to the gym. Walking at the office doesn't require a shower, sweatpants or gym shoes.

What will happen if you walk more?


You will lose weight

41% of employees are overweight: Walking doubles energy expenditure and restores the taste for physical activity.

"The way others look at it will change".


You will be less stressed

58% of employees are stressed: Walking increases the secretion of endorphins, the happiness hormone, by five times.

"Walking releases anti-stress hormones

Back pain

You will have less back pain

42% of employees have back pain Walking improves posture and strengthens the back

"Your back will curse your chair


You will increase your productivity

Light physical activity in the office saves time normally dedicated to sports and active people are much less sick and save time. According to a study by the Olympic Committee, walking can save 3 weeks/year of productivity (6% on average)

"You will always be fit and available

concentration & creativity

You will be more focused and creative

Physical activity boosts cognitive abilities: Creativity and memory increase thanks to walking. The extra energy will keep your teams focused longer.

"You will be surprised by your new creativity".

Vascular health

Your life expectancy will increase

Moving slows down natural aging: People who engage in daily physical activity can gain 3 to 9 years of life expectancy, and it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer by 40%.

"How would you like to have nine more years of life?"


You will sleep better

Physical activity improves sleep: Walking during the day increases melatonin secretion in the evening before going to sleep. 

"You'll be in shape all day and from the moment you wake up.

 ActivUP, the reference for the Walking Desk

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Move more to work better!

This guide in PDF ebook format explains the method used by Marc Thouvenin, to move at his desk, without thinking about it, without spending time. 

This method is applicable to all teleworkers, who work a lot, do not have enough time to do sports, do not want to diet. It allows you to lose weight, relieve back pain, and be more productive.

free of charge

Why move

All the health, well-being and performance benefits are addressed, as well as the adaptation to the office environment.

Conditions for success

Choose to adopt the right winning attitude to feel better, to have fun. Understand your body to master it.

Measure your progress

Tips on how to succeed in the short and medium term. And how to validate your results and inspire others to do the same.

Designing your office

Find out how your workspace can become the best way to lose weight, get rid of back pain and get in shape.


This guide will help you start a new, more active life. Without thinking about it, you will lose weight, relieve your back, and get in shape. All simply by walking to your office, without dieting or exercising.

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