Customer use cases

The Walking Desk adapts to the way you work

Discover the main configurations of Walking Desks. There's sure to be one that's right for you. Whether it's for you alone or to share with your colleagues. Whether you need more desk space or the most compact equipment possible.

 Walking Desk in Open Space

Shared use in open space

Whether in an open space, a coworking space, or in an office of a few people, the Walking Desk will be shared among all the collaborators.
Each person can work for half an hour or an hour and then leave the space free for their colleagues.
The Walking Desk is very quiet and does not disturb.
Some clients provide walls or plants to separate the spaces between the walking and sitting areas.

Working from home (home office)

 Walking Desk in telecommuting

With the new configurations, notably linked to Covid19, many companies are resorting to telework, partial or total, for part of their employees.
Sedentary lifestyles already affect more than half of the working population, but when teleworking it is even higher.
ActivUP offers formulas to support companies by installing Walking Desks directly at their employees' homes, either for rent or for sale.

 Walking Desk Sitting+standing+Walking

Large desk with carpet and seat

For those who want to have the treadmill and seat under the same desk, it is possible with a large desk of 6 feet or more.

You can walk for 1 hour, then put the desk down and sit.

And then get up and walk around some more.

Collective use of the Walking Desk

Walking meeting

To keep your meetings short and efficient, there's nothing like a short walk.

Our Walking Meeting Desk can be used for standing, sitting and walking meetings. It can also be used as a classic Walking Desk or even as a classic meeting table.

ActivUP offers custom configurations, including treadmills, seating and even office bikes.

Doing walking meetings

Walking Desk Tandem

Even better than the Walking Meeting Desk, this Walking Desk with 2 side-by-side walking mats allows 2 people to have meetings while walking next to each other.
Of course, it is possible to invite 2 or more colleagues to participate in the meeting, using standing seats.
The Walking Desk Tandem is equipped with 2 independent treadmills (each with its own control console), and a large desk of 2mx1m, with 4 electric columns controlled by a remote control.


Walking and biking in class

Physical inactivity does not only affect adults. According to the WHO, 80% of children under the age of 14 are physically inactive.

Many schools are experimenting with physical activity in the classroom. This picture was taken in an elementary school in Haute-Savoie.

Welcoming Colleagues to the Walking Desk

Walking Desk with high seats

When you work while walking on your Walking Desk, your colleagues can work next to you, either standing or using a high chair, which allows you to sit at the same height as you.

These seats are adjustable in height and have a circular support to post the feet. Beautiful meetings in perspective.

And you, which usage will you adopt?

ActivUP customers are delighted with the effects of physical activity on their health and that of their collaborators.
This solution is easy to implement.
The walk is a drug recognized by the WHOwhich produces results without side effects.

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