Specialist in physical activity at work

The Walking Desk ActivUP allows you to work while walking. It is a height adjustable desk equipped with a treadmill to allow you to be active at your workplace.


ActivUP wins WELL-BEING AT WORK trophy

Benefits of the Walking Desk

Better health

1H of walking per day helps to reduce the risk of sedentary diseases.


Being active helps in concentration, motivation and improves creativity.


A better quality of life at work reduces absenteeism and turnover.

A customizable and design solution

ActivUP makes a commitment with charities

Our offices are designed and made in France

ActivUP develops technological innovations

A passionate team in your listening ! 

Marc Thouvenin

Marc Thouvenin


Maxence Crepey

Maxence Crepey

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Maxime Nouss


Teddy Heyd

Teddy Heyd


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